How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept and Why?

A fireplace is one of the most popular amenity for a home, especially if the home is located in a part of the country that gets cold in the winter months. One of the main reasons is because nothing beats the feeling of having a roaring fire on a cold evening.

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Unfortunately, having a fireplace in the home adds an extra level of risk for fire. This risk is caused by the potential build up a flammable substance call creosote.

What is Creosote?

Creosote is a highly flammable material that is created during the burning process of wood in a typical fireplace or wood stove. This creosote material attaches itself to the inside liner of the fireplace as the smoke and soot rises to the outside through the chimney.

This creosote comes from the firewood that had been sprayed with a wood preservative at some point during its growth and it was absorbed into the wood.

When chemical inside the wood is burnt in the fireplace or wood stove creosote is released inside smoke and it sticks to all of the surfaces of the chimney liner.

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Chimney?

If you have a fireplace and frequently enjoy a nice, roaring fire on a cold winter evening, then it is really important for you to keep the chimney clean. It is also a good idea to clean your chimney in Chicago extra frequently if you happen to burn wood that has not been thoroughly dried or seasoned properly.

The drier the wood, the hotter the fire will burn and that will help to reduce the amount of creosote that will be released into the smoke.

However, regardless of how well of a job you do with your fireplace, it is necessary to clean away the build up of creosote inside the chimney liner. If you fail to do so the likelihood that you could easily experience a chimney fire at some point.

How Frequently Should You Sweep the Chimney?

It it extremely important to inspect and clean the liner of the fireplace of your home. As the build up of the highly flammable creosote poses a serious risk causing a potentially deadly fire, you need to ensure that there is never enough of a build problem.

According to the experts it is highly recommended that you should have your chimney inspected by a qualified chimney sweep at least once a year. If it determined that the buildup has reached a dangerous level, then you should immediately have it cleaned out as to avoid a potential fire danger.