About Us

We’re the Blood family and we want to extend our knowledge and experience about chimney and dryer vent cleaning to you. For many years, we ran a business that specialized in cleaning dryer vents and chimneys. Over the years, we’ve serviced thousands of homes and made them cleaner, safer and more energy efficient.

You’re probably thinking, where has the business gone? You’re looking at it right here. We were a small family-run business and when my wife and I could no longer keep up with the demand, we decided to let go of the business. Plus, our children are off in college now and on their own paths to successful careers.

So, we decided that if we can’t keep servicing homes, we can at least extend our knowledge to homeowners about all things chimney and dryer vent cleaning. It’s extremely important to keep them maintained because the consequences can be severe – which we’ve experienced.

If you have any questions about chimney and dryer vent cleaning, you can find the answers on our site.