The Many Benefits of Cleaning Your Chimney

Holiday season knocking the doors, time for some cleaning to be done!! Now where to begin with? The answer begins with our chimneys, most used yet the most neglected. With winter season making its way, usage of our chimneys increases and prior to its use, cleaning it becomes necessary.

chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning means sweeping to remove soot, blockages and building up Creosote from the firebox, smoke chamber etc. In order to make your chimney efficient and safer to use, cleaning is highly required.

Creosote which keeps building as per our burning practices is highly inflammable and if left unattended can be hazardous. Each year fire departments state that billions of dollars of property are damaged, and lives are lost due to chimney fires. With the simple adaptation of safety measures, homeowners can prevent such unfortunate incidents.

Be it holiday times or in everyday routine life, in the effort of cost-cutting expenditures, we end up neglecting our chimney cleaning. However, the myth needs to be broken and one needs to understand that cleaning is affordable.

On average, cleaning costs around 200$ which includes inceptions for chimney functioning. Now the question arises, how often to do the cleaning? A chimney cleaning schedule can range from once every couple of weeks to once every year. Although the frequency the cleaning would be required depends on usage, the wood used in the way of operation.

Now let’s understand how would scheduling your chimney cleaning go, bring in benefits to you below.

Pluses of adopting chimney cleaning practices

The most important aspect which occurs on keeping cleaned chimneys is making it more efficient to function. With the removal of obstructions can help in proper removal of smoke to the exterior of the house.

Now how we forget, the most prioritized reason for all- Safety! The cleaned chimney is always a safe to use one. The accumulation of Creosote can have dangerous consequences. From fire risks to the prevention of smoke exit, it can really be hazardous if left uncleaned.

As age old saying goes “Prevention is always better than cure”, hence with frequent chimney cleaning one can avoid costly chimney repairs. With use there can be wear and tear of chimney components and adopt proper cleaning practices, premature costly chimney repairs can be avoided.

Cleaning your chimney can help it to perform efficiently and hence would help in reducing energy costs with lesser need of using heating system

It will add to preventing harmful gases from accumulating inside your home due to the removal of debris from the chimney.

Regular chimney maintenance can make it go a long way. With professional cleaning practices, problems can be identified thereby elongating the longevity of using your chimney as if it’s a new one.

Hence, the bottom line lies to get the most out of your chimney, get it cleaned. Whether getting it cleaned on your own or looking for professional help, irrespective of the mode, cleaning is a must. It would just take 45 mins- 1 hour of your schedule which would contribute towards a safe home for your family. Hence hurry up before its late!!