Tips to Help Prevent Dryer Fires

While going through the newspaper last week, came across a news which stated that a family lost its age-old home to a Dryer fire. Unusual right? Yes, it is happening! Very few people realize the danger of dryer fire.

dryer fires

Even though drying is a usual part of our daily routine, we underestimate the safety concerns revolving around the device. In a recent survey by the fire department, it came into the picture that on an average of over 15000 home structures are involved in fire due to washing machines and dryers.

The vast majority is due to a dryer fire. Now you must be thinking what causes a fire in our dryer even if we are cautious to turn it off after operations?

The elements which ignite a fire in case of a dryer can be the dust, fiber or lint, the clothing itself or in some cases the cable or wire insulation, casing of the appliance or drive belt also. Some cases also occur when damage occurs due to carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper dryer vent setup.

It is not something that cannot be prevented. With some safety tips and avoidance of few bad habits, hazardous fire conditions can be avoided.

Now, let’s consider some safety tips below.

Here I shall enlist few steps and precautions to consider for the avoidance of tragic house fire due to the dryer.

Let’s Begin with the Installation

Always ensure to use professional technicians for proper and careful installation of your dryer.

Dryer duct should be made of solid metallic material. Always avoid crushing the dryer duct to make up installation in tight quarters as it will restrict air-flow.

Don’t use screws to put your vent pipe together. Ensure to have reduced number of bents in the vent pipe installation.

What to Look Out For on the Inside of the Dryer

It is essential to clean out your lint filter as dryers produce it in large quantity.

Watch for lint accumulation inside the dryer beside the lint trap. After every load make sure to clean the lint out of the dryer.

What to be Cautious of on the Outside of the Dryer

Never use plastic or foil duct extenders, always use metal vents to avoid fire incidents.

While using a gas dryer make sure your gas line is in good shape. Keep good clearance space between the dryer and the wall.

Surroundings are Equally Important

Make sure there is no clothing, boxes and cleaning supplies behind or around the dryer.

Keep an eye on your vent hose. The machine is connected properly to right plug and outlet.

While Using the Dryer, Watch Out For

Never try to overload your dryer with laundry. Always thoroughly read the manufactures manual to operate dryers safely.

Follow this Golden Rule Every Time You Leave Your Home

Always make it a habit to turn off the dryer when you leave home or going to bed.

Look out for potential sign such as clothes coming out hotter than usual.

Know how to prevent a dryer fire to avoid tragedy at your home! Stay safe rather than regretting!